Sewing: Summer refashions

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

And, another one. I was really excited about using this shirt, and decided to attempt a romper of sorts. Although it did not turn out quite like I had hoped. I vaguely used this tutorial. And of course I was mostly working on it while A was sleeping so was using her clothes to measure rather than her actual body.

Originally the yellow was the top part and I wanted to keep the original hem on the bottom. But I thought it was going to be super long on her (based on the dress I was using) so I chopped the bottom of the shirt off and made a new hem. Well, it turned out too be too small so then I used the white strip I had chopped of and added it to the top to try and create more length. It worked but the design ended up really low on her body and looks a bit strange. Oh well. I used the sleeves from the original shirt to make the yellow and white stripe straps. And I shirred the top of it although it came out pretty funky where the seams are.

Some projects turn out better than others, but they are all great learning experiences!



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